Although official club uniform is not a requirement on regular rally days, the committee asks that you present at your groups in a neat and appropriate fashion.  

This means:

  • Observing safety requirements such as approved riding footwear (no Blundstones) and helmet. 
  • Awareness of “sun-smart” clothing such as sleeved tops. 
  • Clothing of a neat, appropriate and inoffensive nature (this means skip that singlet or crop top you drag out from the bottom of the drawer).

When representing MARC at official or unofficial adult Riding Club events the following uniform is required.  At official events elimination may result if the Club uniform is not worn.


MARC colours must be a combination of navy/dark blue and white.

Please contact our uniform co-ordinator Stefanie Hall for all uniform enquires. 

  • Jodphurs must be pale in colour – white, beige, cream through to banana are acceptable
  • Both navy and white saddlecloths are acceptable for all phases
  • Club uniform with logo is available for purchase.
    • Polo (short & long sleeve)
    • Soft-shell jacket & vest 
    • Waterproof jacket 
    • Polar fleece jacket 
    • Cap

Windcheater or jumpers, ratcatcher/stock, polo top or even skivvies are acceptable, provided they are navy/dark blue, or a combination of white and navy/dark blue.

Leather or rubber/synthetic long riding boots or short jodpur boots are to be worn.

Official uniforms are for sale from the clubrooms at the rallies. Prices vary according to supplier check with committee member on the day or further on this website (under committee list) for person responsible for uniforms.

HRCAV requirements must also be complied with, e.g. medical arm bands for jumping phases, correct displays of competition number, logo displayed, HRCAV-approved helmet. It is advised to also make yourself aware of HRCAV event rules with regard to whip length, spurs, etc.